Product Description

Ireland's first ibuprofen medicated plaster.

Nurofen Durance is the first ibuprofen medicated plaster in Ireland which offers 24 hours duration. It is a convenient and effective product for muscle and joint pain with stretchable and flexible design.


Recommended dose for Adults and adolescents aged 16years and over:

One dose is equal to one medicated plaster. The maximum dose for a single 24 hour period is one medicated plaster.

Method of application:
1. To remove a medicated plaster, tear or cut along the dotted line on the sachet.
2. Remove the plastic film marked (A) and place the adhesive strip over the middle of the pain area.
3. Remove plastic film marked (B) and stretch slightly, smooth this part of the medicated plaster onto your skin.
4. Remove plastic film marked (C).
5. Stretching slightly, smooth the rest of the medicated plaster onto your skin.

For detailed dosing instructions and safety information please refer to the product information leaflet.