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You can choose from a number of products within the Nurofen range. To best manage your pain, it’s important to know as much as you can about the medicine you are taking. And that’s why we’re here to help with answers to some of your questions about Nurofen products. Below you’ll find advice on dosing, ingredients and side effects, including how to take Nurofen products and who they are suitable for.

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Australian Federal Court Decision in relation to Nurofen pain-specific packaging 

15th December 2015:  Nurofen is aware of the Federal Court of Australia’s decision concerning Nurofen pain-specific packaging. This case is related to Australia only and is not applicable to other countries/regions.  No Nurofen products in Republic of Ireland are affected and continue to be available.  

In some markets like Australia, where OTC medicines can be bought in grocery without the advice of a health care professional, Nurofen pain-specific packs aid consumer and allow self-selection and responsible self-medication.

However in Republic of Ireland, all Nurofen products can only be sold in a pharmacy under the supervision of a pharmacist.

The products impacted represent 5% of the Australian Nurofen range and the packaging agreed with the Australian Agency is to be replaced with an interim pack in due course. Most Nurofen products are not affected and continue to be available for sale in Australia.

Nurofen Australia is continuing to work with regulators in Australia to ensure Nurofen packaging continues to be fully aligned with all guidelines and requirements.

All medicines licensed for sale in Republic of Ireland are approved by the Health Products Regulatory Authority and are subject to rigorous pharmaceutical and clinical review prior to being granted a licence.

Nurofen is committed to the correct use of medicines and promoting and protecting the health of consumers.  As part of this commitment and responsibility, Nurofen works closely with all regulatory bodies to ensure high standards and compliance to guidelines.

Nurofen is also committed to providing education and training for pharmacists and healthcare professionals, along with resources for consumers to help them better understand and manage their pain more effectively.